Systems Management

Managing a website often times involes more than just the website content and functionality. There are a number of systems that help run the website. These include web servers, database servers, backup systems, operating systems, monitoring systems, and more. Our systems support staff has a deep understanding in all aspects of these mission critical elements.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of having the same team manage not only their website but the platform running beneath it. We have the ability to host and manage small to medium sized sites in-house. For larger websites, we partner with a number of the bigger providers to find a solution that works best for you. Whether we host your site or we act as a technical liaison to another provider, you can sleep well knowing that our experienced systems management team is committed to maintaining the stability of your website and all related systems.

Apache & MySQL Performance Tuning

Apache Server ExpertsA lot of web traffic is a good problem to have. There are, however, challenges that come along with high volume websites. Database engines need to be optimized, web servers need to be be fine tuned, and monitoring services need to be put in place. While Apache and MySQL are fairly optimized out of the box, there is always room for improvement. Before you throw more hardware and money at a problem, consider optimization and tuning. Sometimes a few minor tweaks can have a large impact on your website’s performance.

Our staff has the expertise and tools to ensure your website is optimized for your unique situation. Our optimization projects start with a full system analysis. This is followed by an in-depth review of the web and database assets. Once we understand your current setup, the website is loaded on to our in-house test environment. Then we run your website through a litany of bandwidth and load tests to see how it performs. Once optimization is complete, we develop a deployment strategy and push the changes to your live server. Finally, we place monitoring systems in place and perform ongoing reviews to ensure that your website is rock solid.

If you think that your website can benefit from performance tuning then please give our Apache and MySQL performance specialist a call at 610-891-9922.

Web Host Setup & Configuration

How to I register my domain? Where can I get an SSL certificate? Who hosts my website? These are just a few of the questions that people ask when they are setting up a website. There are a number of third party services involved when building a website or webstore. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know what service should be used for what. We can help you take out the guesswork when it comes to picking your service providers.

When our team is retained to manage a website, we manage all of this for you. Tasks such as renewing your domain name, managing your SSL certificate, or managing your payment gateway can all be included in our service plans. At Morroni Technologies, we understand the full spectrum of website management. When all of your website service providers are managed under our roof, you can focus on what is most important, your business.

Linux Expertise

Linux Expertise in PhiladelphiaIn 2009, Linux had 33.8% market share of servers compared to Microsoft’s 7.3%. Google runs its web servers on Linux. Linux powers 446 of the worlds top 500 supercomputers. 75% of Linux code is developed by programmers working for corporations.

Need we say more? Linux is a powerful operating system that can be leveraged for many areas of a company’s IT Infrastructure.

We provide Linux expertise to companies throughout the Philadelphia area. Let Morroni help you streamline your business processes through the use of Linux in your organization. Morroni designs, implements and maintains a number of linux servers. Through the use of popular distributions such as CentOS or network attached systems like FreeNAS, Morroni can help your organization come up with a simple and reliable solution for all of your business needs. Please give our Philadelphia area Linux Experts a call today at 610-891-9922.